10 Tips to Enjoy Sex in Old Age

Sex in second half of life can be most fascinating and here are 10 tips to remain active and energetic enough to enjoy sex in old age. Most of the couples slowly give up their bedroom activities assuming that they have passed the age but medically age is not a criterion to stop. Psychologically life partners need intimacy more in the second half of life than during any other phase of life, healthy and active relationship at this point of life can be life prolonging. Following 10 tips can guide how to prevent the effects of ageing and keep reproductive system reasonably healthy to enjoy sex in old age.

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Penis Health Issues – Penis Pain During Sex

Many guys experience some soreness after sex from time to time. The chafing caused by penetration or aggressive masturbation can irritate the penis skin, resulting in oversensitivity and pain. However pain during the sexual act can indicate that something more is going on. While most causes of penis pain are not serious and can be easily treated, knowing how to take care of the penis can prevent ongoing problems. Some of the most frequently seen penis issues are described below, along with tips for protecting sensitive skin and keeping the penis healthy and responsive.

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Teen Sex Awareness Teaching Sex in School

Did your heart just start beating faster? Even the term “sex” or “family life education” brings panic, fear, and increases the heartbeat and sweat glands in most adults. However, once the panic subsides, the debate over whether to have sex education in American schools or not – is done. A new poll finds that over 90% of Americans say sex education should be taught in schools. According to the poll, the surveyed parents supported teaching 7th and 8th graders basic information on how babies are made, and 56 percent supported teaching all aspects of sex education, including birth control and safer sex in 7th and 8th grade, with a much higher percentage agreeing it should be taught in High School.

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